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Harvest 2020 Grain Sampling


ADM Agriculture will not be sending samplers out to farms for the forthcoming harvest. This is not an attempt to cut the costs we incur in sampling farmers crops, indeed most of our costs will be ongoing. We need to be able to test the crops we buy and it remains our intention to do this in as efficient manner as possible whilst reducing the risks associated with this service. The key reasons we are making this change are as follows:

Health and Safety

Despite our excellent track record of training and equipping our samplers to carry out efficient sampling in the past, nonetheless this activity is a significant risk in many ways. Driving to farms and actually sampling on farm are large risk factors, which can only be managed to a certain extent.

Farmer Sampling

Farmers are the best people to efficiently sample their own crops and assurance schemes recommend, or indeed, require them to do so. It is in everyone’s interests that on farm sampling is carried out effectively and in a manner that is representative of the crops in store. For those who need to purchase a sampling spear, here is a link to one of the well known suppliers – other suppliers are available.

The Model

We will send sample bags, pre-populated with your ADM Agriculture account number, for you to sample your own crops. These bags will be collected by a team of drivers that we will employ on a national basis. The samples will then be tested in our laboratories. All of this will be at zero cost to farmers, other than the time required to carry out sampling and to fill in the sample bags. Our aim is to provide an efficient sample testing system, that is as rapid as the model we have used in the past.


The methodology and reasons for accurate sampling will be based on the AHDB project blue advice:

A simple reminder guide will be included with each set of sample bags we send out. A list of frequently asked questions is below, but if you have further questions, please speak to your farm trader.



How do I arrange for bags to be sent to me?

Contact your farm trader and the bags will be sent out immediately.

Will the bags be pre-populated with information?

The sample bags will have your account number on them. 

What information do I need to put on the bags?

You need to write, in indelible ink, the farm address name, the crop sampled, the variety, the store name and the location of the bay in the store (bay 1 being at the back).

How do I arrange for the samples to be collected?

There are 4 options to arrange collection:

  • Contact your farm trader informing them of the location and number of samples to be collected along with variety and tonnage – we will then arrange for one of our drivers to collect the samples.
  • Text the number in the sample pack detailing the location and number of samples to be collected along with variety and tonnage – we will then arrange for one of our drivers to collect the samples.
  • Add a harvested crop to ADM 365 and request samples to be collected– we will then arrange for one of our drivers to collect the samples.
  • If you have requested pre-paid envelopes, drop your samples at your local post office and we will test them when they arrive at the lab. 

How long will it take for the samples to be tested and the results to be available?

This depends on the amount of samples we are processing at any one time but we expect no delay compared with our previous sample testing service. Our laboratory resources are unchanged. 

How do I view my sample results?

You can view your samples by logging onto our free online portal, ADM 365. Your farm trader will also have access to the same information and will be keen to discuss results with you. If you have not registered for ADM 365, please speak to your farm trader and you can gain access immediately.

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