Products and Origination

ADM has operated in the UK for over 40 years. During this time we have acquired a wealth of knowledge of the UK and global feedstuffs market, building networks and relationships both at home and overseas.

These networks have allowed ADM Agriculture to become a top supplier of feedstuff to UK farmers, achieved through ADM’s global reach and well-established supply-chain. This gives us access to oil processing, grains and cereal by-products with global origination. Through these networks we import our products to a number of well-placed UK ports with a total storage of 450,000mt, from which we sell circa 2.5mmt per year to meet our customer’s and UK farmer’s needs.


  • Soybean Meal (EU/US/Can/Arg/Brz)
  • Soya Hulls (Arg/US/EU)
  • Sunflower Meal (Ukraine/Russia/EU/Arg)
  • Rapemeal (EU/Domestic)
  • Palm Kernel Expeller (Mal/Indo)

Grains & Cereal By-Products

  • Wheat DDGs (EU)
  • Corn DDGs (EU/US)
  • Corn Gluten Feed (EU/US)
  • Wheatfeed Pellets (EU/Domestic)
  • Wheatglutenfeed Pellets (EU)
  • Whole Maize (EU/Ukraine)


  • Sugarbeet Pulp Pellets
  • Citrus Pulp Pellets (US/Braz)


  • Wood Pellets Residues
  • Sunflower Husk
  • Peanut Shell Pellets

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