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Calcifert Lime is a fast acting granulated limestone that is proven to neutralise soil acidity

Calcifert Lime is a fast acting granulated limestone that is proven to neutralise soil acidity. It is a high quality, pure product, with a calcium carbonate content of approximately 98%.

The reactivity of Calcifert Lime is typically 98% – more than twice as reactive as some competitor products currently on the market. Calcifert Lime has a minimum Neutralising Value of 54. Made from fine limestone flour combined with a water-soluble organic binder, Calcifert Lime consists of hard granules of between 2mm and 5mm in diameter. The strong, even granules allow spreading up to 36 metres, validated by external spreader testing. The purity and high reactivity of Calcifert Lime means low application rates – making it a cost effective option.

Calcifert Sulphur

Calcifert Sulphur is a quick and easy way to supply essential calcium and sulphur to soil helping:

  • Achieve better silage quality and intakes
  • Improve crop and produce quality
  • Counteract high magnesium in soils
  • Get better nitrogen utilisation
  • Improve soil structure and workability

Technical Information

With a typical analysis of calcium as CaO: 34% and sulphur expressed as SO3: 56%, Calcifert Sulphur is one of the purest calcium sulphate products available on the market. Calcifert Sulphur has a neutralising value of zero, meaning it won’t affect the pH of your soil. Available in 600kg bags, Calcifert Sulphur can be self- spread in a conventional fertiliser spreader.

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Calcifert Sulphur leaflet

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