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Alternative P&K Fertilisers

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Fibrophos is a UK produced fertiliser providing an excellent source of phosphate and potash

fibrophos-logo-greenFibrophos also includes significant quantities of Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and a range of essential trace elements required by crops and grassland to achieve high yields.

As Fibrophos is produced from the incineration of manure from cereal fed poultry, the nutrients are in a ratio similar to that removed by the crop, therefore making Fibrophos an excellent choice building a stable and balanced level of nutrients within the soil.

Fibrophos is available in a range of grades to suit various situations. All grades contain the full range of secondary and trace elements:

Repeated independent trials of Fibrophos have shown it to be as effective at maintaining PK indices as TSP and MOP.

An extremely cost effective source of P&K against both blends and straights even before considering the ‘free’ secondary and trace elements included.

Fibrophos Handbook


Calcium18% as CaO
Sulphur8% as SO3
Magnesium4% as MgO
Sodium4% as Na2O
Molybdenum5 ppm as Mo
Cobalt2 ppm as Co
Selenium2 ppm as Se
Iron4000 ppm as Fe
Manganese1200 ppm as Mn
Copper300 ppm as Cu
Boron130 ppm as B

Neutralising value 15 % as CaO
Secondary Trace elements


P-Grow provides an excellent source of phosphate, ideal for arable cropping and grassland where higher applications of P are required. Available in 2 grades P-Grow is a sustainably produced, renewable UK fertiliser which contains a range of secondary and trace elements offering a fantastic alternative to bagged fertilisers.


Natural phosphate fertiliser. Rich in phosphate, calcium and trace elements.

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