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ADM Agriculture Fertilisers

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ADM Agriculture supply an extensive range of fertiliser products to suit all systems

All products are tested by SCS calibration services to guarantee spread patterns and quality.

Nitrogen Products

Granular Urea 46% N
ADM Agriculture import granular urea sourced from a range of manufacturers globally. Bagged at one of our import facilities at Immingham or Poole, the branded bag is the farmer’s guarantee of quality.
Prilled Urea 46 % N
ADM Agriculture specialise in the sourcing of Prilled Urea, ideal for the industrial sector and those looking for a product to liquidise.
Granular Ammonium Nitrate 33.5% N
ADM Agriculture, in partnership with Origin Fertiliser, offer a granular ammonium nitrate capable of spreading accurately to 36m.
Imported Ammonium Nitrate 34.4% N
ADM Agriculture offer imported ammonium nitrate products from across Europe.
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate 27% N
CAN is produced from a mix of ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate. Used on acidic soils due to its neutralising value or for horticultural use.

Nitrogen Sulphur Products

A full range of imported sulphur products are available through ADM Agriculture, including Piamon. A high quality Nitrogen Sulphur product exclusive to ADM Agriculture in the UK through partners SKW Piesteritz.
Sulphur N 26N + 35SO3
In partnership with Origin Fertiliser, ADM Agriculture’s Sulphur N provides nitrogen in both a nitrate and ammonium form as well as sufficient plant-available sulphur.
ADM Agriculture Ammonium Sulphate 21N 60SO3
ADM Agriculture offer three high quality granular Ammonium Sulphates allowing for accurate spreading.
Alexfert (Egyptian) Granular Ammonium Sulphate 2-5mm.
Finnish Ammonium Sulphate 2-5mm.
Ammonium Sulphate crystal (liquidising grade).


The demand for the application of straights has seen recent increases due to the popularity of precision farming and variable rate spreaders. ADM Agriculture import and supply a full range of straights.
Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) 46% P
Phosphate plays an important role in energy transfer within the plant and is therefore vital during the periods of rapid growth. In early growth stages it promotes root development, which is also important for efficient uptake of other nutrients. Created by the action of Phosporic Acid on raw Rock Phosphate, TSP is typically 90% water soluble.
Murate of Potash (MOP) 60% K
Potassium is essential to plants as it balances movement of nutrients and regulation of water throughout the plant. Also promoting cell turgidity, potassium maintains strong stem strength reducing the risk of lodging.
Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) 18% N 46% P
DAP provides both the nitrogen and phosphate required for young crops helping to establish crops as quickly as possible.
Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) 12% N 52% P
The water-solubility of MAP is very high allowing it to be used in both solid and clear-liquid fertilisers.



PIARUMIN - Feed Grade Urea 46.5%

Available in 25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg bags, PIARUMIN is one of the highest feed grade urea’s available globally. An SKW Piesteritz product, PIARUMIN is available exclusively in the UK through ADM Agriculture.


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