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Liquid Solutions

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ADM Agriculture Liquid Solutions provides 30 and 50 cube tanks, delivered to your farm which are available to purchase or rent.  The highly customer focused service means that each agreement is tailored to your farming business. With competitive liquid prices available every day and flexible payment plan options, you can now buy your liquid as a traded commodity as you would your solid fertiliser.


ENhancePro is a unique foliar nitrogenous fertiliser, unlike any other conventional foliar ureic product. It is formulated from highly bio-available sulphur that has been specially combined with stabilised carbamide nitrogen (NH2).

The unique sulphur/nitrogen combination used in ENhancePro is proven in field trials to significantly increase the levels of protein in grain when foliar applied.

ENhancePro reduces scorching and causes minimal leaf damage – the unique formulation contains buffers which lowers the PH and avoids ammonia volatilisation.

ENhancePro contains adhesion compounds allowing the solution to remain in contact with the foliar surface for a longer period of time. This significantly enhances absoption and increases bio-availability.

ENhancePro at 50ltr/Ha delivers 17kg/Ha of nitrogen, which if applied correctly will have a 65% uptake–efficiency, delivering 20.25kg/Ha of bio-available sulphur, making it comparable to many other foliar ureic products requiring 200ltr/Ha application rates.


  • A unique foliar nitrogenous fertiliser
  • Enhances protein content within the grains to maximise milling wheat premiums
  • Significantly reduced storage required compared to competitor products
  • Provides optimal N requirement at low rates of application

ADM Agriculture Liquid Solutions

Main Liquid Grades Include

  • Liquid 28N
  • Liquid 27N + 5 So3
  • Liquid 22N + 12 So3
  • Liquid 15N + 15 So3
  • Liquid 18N

Using clear liquid ammonium thiosulphate (ATS) over Ammonium Sulphate crystals, means that sulphur grades are of a higher quality.

Why Move to ADM Agriculture Liquid Solutions

  • Increased accuracy and reduced losses
  • Spread to 36m and beyond
  • Flexibility to price when you want
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Access UAN market information
  • Frees up storage space
  • Environmentally focused due to reduced waste

How the tank deal works:

  • Agree to a 5 year tailored plan
  • Price 100-150mt of UAN per annum
  • Free tank rental available or the option to purchase a 30 and 50 cubic metre tank.

Brineflow Ltd

ADM Agriculture partnering with NitraSol.
The liquid fertiliser brand of Brineflow Ltd – A responsible and reliable UK producer.

  • Offering a comprehensive and competitive range of high quality N and N+S clear liquid fertilisers.
  • Full environment containment from factory to field.
  • Brand new manufacturing facility with zero waste production.
  • On farm tank storage solutions available.

Protein Plus

  • Foliar urea protein enhancer
  • Provides double the protein increase of a “late bag”
  • Simple to apply at the milky ripe stage
  • Available with Kelpak to increase HFNs and yield

Protein Plus is a concentrated foliar urea solution used to enhance the grain protein content of milling wheat. There are two products available: Protein Plus containing 18%N w/w (approximately 20% w/v), and Protein Plus S containing 18%N 5% SO3 w/w (approximately 21% N 6% SO3 w/v).


Milling Wheat

In order to achieve a premium, most milling wheat contracts require a minimum 13% protein content. Since nitrogen is a key constituent of protein, it is important to manage applications effectively to produce the maximum level of protein. This means applying nitrogen late in the season, to ensure it is converted into protein.


Protein Plus is applied at the milky ripe grain stage by conventional sprayer with fan jets at 200 l/ha. Best results are achieved from early morning or late evening application, when the nitrogen is rapidly absorbed and utilised by the crop. It is recommended that applications during the day are diluted with water.

Oilseed Extra

  • Yield booster for all varieties of winter and spring OSR
  • Simple to apply foliar application
  • Complete nutrient formulation
  • Provides up to 10:1 return on investment

Omex Oilseed Extra is a unique concentrated foliar nutrient, formulated with crop safeners and uptake enhancers, plus macro and micronutrients designed to increase the yield of all varieties of winter and spring oilseed rape.


Oilseed Rape Canopy Management

For optimal yields, the oilseed rape crop should be managed to avoid over-dense canopies. Excessive leaf area can shade flowers, leading to less seed and pod numbers and reduced yield. However, reducing nitrogen rates to reduce Green Area Index can mean that the canopy senesces prematurely; again leading to lost yield potential.

Applying nitrogen to the soil later in the season may reduce the risk of creating an excessively leafy canopy, but, if the application is left too late it can result in reduced uptake into the crop and an increased risk of nitrate leaching from the unused nitrogen. After flowering, the oilseed rape crop takes up little nitrogen from the soil, but the nitrogen is still required to maintain the canopy which is needed in order to fix sunlight and produce oil.


PIADIN is a nitrogen stabiliser for slurries, biogas and UAN solution. It acts as a retardant in the soil for the conversion of ammonium nitogen to nitrate nitrogen. This reduces the nitrogen losses and so, by supplying nitrogen in the way it is required, it achieves better utilisation of the nitrogen for the plants. The effect of using PIADIN allows for multiple applications of liquid manure to be applied in one application. This single application can be made in the early part of the year as long as NVZ’s allow.


Your Benefits With PIADIN

  • Increased yields by up to 11%
  • Increase in N efficiency
  • Reduced risk of loss through leaching
  • Reduce N20 emissions by 75%
  • Improved N balance
  • Early clearing of slurry store
  • Less dependent on weather
  • Guaranteed high and reliable brand quality from Piesteritz

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