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Malting Barley

We purchase in excess of 150,000t of malting barley per annum

Many years of working in close partnership with our farming and industry customers, has helped ADM Agriculture to become one of the UK’s leading domestic and export focused malting barley company’s. Our goal is building a profitable and sustainable supply chain, which enables us to offer a variety of contracts that helps manage the risk for the breeder, grower, maltster, brewer and distiller.

Ex-Farm Purchasing

In the last few years our ex-farm purchasing has grown significantly due to our involvement in partnership arrangements with breeders, maltsters and brewers, enabling us to secure growing contracts for our farmer customers.

Today the company is purchasing in excess of 150,000t per annum and is one of the leading UK malting barley traders, trading both domestically and internationally. We continue to build on our already strong and long lasting relationships with our maltster/brewer customers.

Malting Barley Marketing Solutions

Maintaining a positive relationship with our consumers enables us to provide the grower with a wide variety of markets and destinations into which we can market their grain.

We aim to provide our customers, both grower and consumer, with a swift and efficient service and take care to place our quality malting barley into the most appropriate end destination.

We also work very closely with our suppliers and customers and offer a variety of pre-harvest buyback contracts, through innovative ideas we are continually bringing new marketing solutions to the market, allowing our farmer growers the confidence to budget well into the future. Our malting barley pool is a popular choice for growers who are risk averse, but want their malting barley marketed professionally.

Null-Lox Spring Malting Barley

Null-Lox spring malting barley is a conventional spring barley type developed by Carlsberg and Heineken Research, bred using traditional breeding techniques.

Null-Lox varieties have the staling enzyme LOX bred out to produce fresher-tasting beer for longer and with better head retention.

Null-Lox seed is grown in the UK with seed producers strategically placed throughout the country in partnership with quality seed processors. There are four seed distribution points, well situated for deliveries – and Null-Lox seed prices are the same as for other spring barleys.

In summary, the benefits of growing Null-Lox are that it is the present and the future of EU malting barley – and is just the beginning – with exciting new traits and varieties in the pipeline.

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