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Faba Beans

Faba beans or field beans have two major uses; human consumption export and domestic animal feed

There are two types of Faba bean grown – winter and Spring. Spring beans are used for the export market and are normally sown in February and harvested in September.

The most popular variety is Fuego which has a large seed and a pale, smooth skin making it ideally suited to the various market demands. Winter beans are used for export as a split product as they are larger and flatter in size.

Faba beans are often consumed as Ful Medames or Falafel and are a staple food of many North African and Middle Eastern countries. The product is often canned or purchased by the end consumer dry and then pre-soaked before cooking.

Crops are grown under strict guidelines in an effort to achieve the highest quality possible, as this demands a premium. Growers are required to meet certain specifications to achieve their premiums, (specifically to keep bruchid beetle damage and stain to a minimum) whilst also ensuring that the produce is handled carefully at harvest time to avoid cracked seed coats.

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