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Marrowfat Peas

Marrowfat peas are a traditional English food that have been part of our diets for over 100 years; the most common example is mushy peas

Marrowfat peas are a spring sown field pea (pisum sativum) that are generally sown in February – April and harvested in August.

These peas are not only consumed in the UK but also around the world in a range of different recipes and products, in fact they are seen as a delicacy in some parts of the world.

A few examples Marrowfat products are:

  • Canned for mushy peas
  • Fried and roasted to produce a snack food, wasabi peas
  • Extruded for snack food
  • Soaked and cooked for processed peas
  • An ingredient for soups
  • Cooked and frozen
  • Mushy pea fritters
  • Quick soak marrowfat peas

ADM Agriculture contract grow marrowfat peas with long term professional farmers within the UK, many are grown on buyback contracts where ADM Agriculture supply the seed and buy back the resultant crop. We feel this provides fantastic trace-ability and ensures quality of stock as the crop source is known.

Kabuki Marrowfat Peas

Kabuki is an unparalleled quality Marrowfat that has won favour amongst a range of different customers.

Kabuki has the ability to retain its colour longer than other varieties, giving the final product the aesthetic appearance consumers are looking for.

ADM Agriculture exclusively supply Kabuki Marrowfat peas which won the annual accolade of British Edible Pulse Associations (BEPA) National Champion for Quality 7 times.

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