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Seed dressings can be somewhat of a headache when planning for the sowing season – our easy to read guide gives you all the details you need to make the right choice.

Cereal Seeds

  • Beret Gold

    ADM’s single purpose of choice

    Beret Gold is a broad spectrum seed treatment giving excellent disease control for wheat. Containing 25g Fludioxonil, Beret Gold gives superior control of Fusarium and Microdochium Nivale and covers Septoria Nodorum, soil-borne bunt and covered smut, giving excellent coverage. Beret Gold is the best choice single-purpose treatment for your wheat seed as such it is our product of choice.

  • Redigo Pro

    Redigo Pro ensures sound establishment in all varieties of winter and spring wheat, providing a heathy crop to build on for high yield potential. Redigo Pro protects against all important seed – and soil-borne wheat diseases. It is also suitable for durum wheat, winter and spring oats and barley, rye and triticale.

  • Vibrance Duo

    Vibrance Duo is the first new generation SDHI seed treatment from Syngenta. It contains 25g sedaxane + 25g fludioxonil. Vibrance Duo has broad spectrum activity, giving excellent disease control of establishment diseases in winter wheat, winter rye, winter triticale and spring oats. It gives excellent control of Fusarium spp and Microdochium nivale, as well as Septoria nodorum, soil-borne bunt and covered smut. Trials have also shown that it has a positive effect on root growth, generating an average of 30% increased root mass over prothioconazole. Maybe it is time to change your perspective on root health.

Additional Treatments

  • Austral Plus - Fludioxonil and Tefluthrin

    Austral Plus protects against seed and soil-borne diseases with an added insecticide element to protect against wheat bulb fly. It is often used following root crops where wheat bulb fly could be a problem or after grass where wireworm can be troublesome.

  • Latitude - Silthiofam

    Applied with a single purpose treatment, Latitude gives excellent control of Take-all. Popular on 2nd / 3rd wheats where Take-all risk is high

Nutrient Treatments

  • New Managnese Solution - Manganese Nitrate

    Used in manganese deficient areas, ensure manganese is immediately available to the germinating seed rather than having to wait for good foliar cover to apply a manganese spray.

  • Turbo

    Turbo seed treatment contains a complex of nutrients which aid establishment and rooting in the critical stages of a seedling’s life. A strong, healthy root system will ensure the plant can access the nutrition it requires throughout the growing season, reducing the impact of abiotic stress and improving yield potential.



    • Wakil XL

      Provides control against Downey mildew, Pythium damping off and Ascochyta complex. Also helps improve establishment leading to potential increased yield.

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