Pulses - Peas - Marrowfat


The UK's leading Marrowfat Breeder: LG Seeds

The UK’s leading Marrowfat pea variety

  • Excellent standing ability
  • Early Ripening
  • Good colour retention
  • Excellent buyback terms on offer

Pulses - Spring Beans


  • High yielding spring bean suitable for human consumption markets.
  • Yield advance on market leader – Fuego.
  • 105% of controls – 7% ahead of Fuego
  • Excellent standing ability.
  • Added to the PGRO list in 2013


Breeder: LS Plant Breeding

New variety added to the PGRO list in 2013 – highest yielding spring bean variety

109% of controls – 9% ahead of Fuego

High TSW – pale hilum suitable for human consumption markets




Breeder: LG Seeds

Pale hilum human consumption spring bean

  • High yielding
  • Early ripening
  • Very good standing ability at harvest
  • High thousand seed weight leading to plump beans sought after in the human consumption market

Pulses - Winter Beans


Winter Beans - Breeder: Senova

Bumble has a lot to offer growers including good yield potential and a large seed size. Standing ability is on the lower side so, if not dealt with, this could cause problems on more fertile sites.

End-market suitability – A relative newcomer to the winter bean market, Bumble has high yield potential and all the right criteria for marketing into the higher value export trade.


Winter - Breeder: Limagrain

Tundra has the lion’s share of the winter bean market. Yield is the highest on the PGRO list. Tundra has a good balance of agronomic features making it the first choice of winter bean growers.

End-market suitability – Tundra now dominates the winter bean market thanks to a massive improvement on yield over Wizard. Although Tundra produces slightly smaller beans than others available, they are still suitable for the export market to chase that all-important premium.


Winter Beans - Breeder: Senova

Wizard still has a good market share and is popular with export buyers. Its yield is now a way behind Tundra and Bumble, but it is tried and tested and still performs well on a lot of farms.

End-market suitability – Now entering its 15th year on the PGRO list, Wizard is long established as the exporters’ favourite variety. It still has a lot to offer growers, despite yield falling behind newer varieties.

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