Our Responsibility

We’re proud of the significant advancements that we have made in our social and environmental goals, reflecting how we run our business and make a productive contribution to society.

Charitable Giving

ADM Cares is ADM’s corporate social investment program that aligns ADM’s corporate giving with our business strategies and sustainability objectives.

Applying for Funding

To determine eligibility and learn more about the procedures for applying for funding, click here to answer a brief questionnaire and complete an online application.  All grant requests must be submitted online; ADM will not review paper requests.



Click here for more information on ADM Cares and applying for funding.

The ADM Way

The ADM Way explains who we are as a company and what we are here to do. It describes what we want to be in the future and what we will do to achieve that aim. It expresses what we value, what we focus on, and what is important to us.  It creates a common understanding for all colleagues and for those who interact with us.

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